illegal Grooves is my debut album. It's a musical journey between root music from South America and jazz/rock/fusion colors. Sometimes I use horns –a lot of horns!, sometimes I use synths or candombe drums, and sometimes I use DJ's or a wild soprano solo.  


This music was written mainly in Boston, while I was studying at Berklee. But it was recorded in multiple cities by dozens of people. I had the blessing to have some of my long time heroes, including Hugo Fattoruso and Ruben Rada, and also jazz gurus like John Patitucci, Terence Blanchard, George Garzone among many others. In the album I also have some of the most talented emerging artists from Berklee -my friends, people from all over the world that enriched the deepness and diversity of this music.

“illegal Grooves” is a celebration of the diversity of Latin American treasures like tango, candombe, samba, and the mix from all these styles with the US American tradition of jazz, rock and fusion. All these musical styles were created thanks to immigrants who moved from one place to the other. From Africa, from Europe, from different parts from Latin America and the world. As an immigrant myself, in a time where being from “somewhere else” is questioned, I embrace diversity more than ever. This music is a small gift and empowering message for the people who had to leave their homes, and brought with them their grooves, their illegal grooves. This illegality is actually what makes our society richer, brighter, and stronger. This illegality is what makes us different, and at the same time is what makes us recognize each other. 

Special thanks to Juan Chiavassa, Nando Michelin and Takafumi Nikaido, who made this album possible. 


Thanks to all the fellow musicians, engineers and artists who brought their talent to make this music alive: 

Anggie Obin, Juan Ruiz, Josh Shpak, Yuta Yamaguchi, Suzuko Hori, Luis García, Joaquina Mertz, Aníbal Cruz, Joaco Pérez, Lucy Clifford, Takafumi Nikaido, Juan Chiavassa, Mark Wessel, Aurelio Estebanez, Alex Psaroudakis, Ruben Rada, George Garzone, Alex Madeline, Grace-Mary Burega, Neal Rosenthal, Mao Sone, Yoshie Nakayama, Rob Krahn, Nando Michelin, Isaac Matus-Rodríguez, Flavio Lira, Takafumi Nikaido, Orlando Retana, Ken Jin, Gustavo Montemurro, Garry Purohit, Margot Mayette, Neal Rosenthal, Tania Mesa, Naseem Alatrash, Hugo Fattoruso, Julián Velasco, John Patitucci, Negah Santos, Ross Hogarth, David Cardona, Juan Álvarez, Alberto Menezes, Paul Sánchez, Alex Ramírez, Andrew Denicola, Michael Wang, Max Acree, Julio Santos, Gilbert Mansour, Darío Terán, Jhonny Neves, Diego Paredes, Gustavo D´Amico, Gaia Petrelli, Óscar Stagnaro, Pablo San Martín, SangRok Park, Alberto Menezes and Nico Farias, Yesseh Furaha-ali, Tomás Latorre, Marco Echeverría, Jorge Trasante, Eddie Corbo, Terence Blanchard, Bob Pilkington.

Last but not least, special thanks to Guido Iafigliola for the art of the album, I love it! 

All songs were written by Nacho González, except from “Como dos extraños”.

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