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Instructions For Robbing A Bank is my third solo album. It features jazz giants George Garzone, Omar Hakim and Hugo Fattoruso. It took me 10 years to put this project together, featuring over 50 artists. 

It is a journey from Montevideo to New York, going through  Jacmel and La Habana. Humor is the medicine to navigate an extremely noisy and distracted world. This music is written as improvised and improvised as written. There're respect but not obedience to the tradition. Particularly useful for those interested in robbing banks. 

Full album:

1 Portada Instructions 1x1.jpg
2 Jacmel 1x1.jpg
3 Baby Steps 1x1.jpg
4 Sandia 1x1.jpg
5 aprender a aplaudir 1x1.png
6 Truth 1x1.jpg
7 pentandombe 1x1.jpg.png
8 movicones 1x1.png
9 La minoria 1x1.jpg
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