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Jacmel is a single part of my upcoming album Instructions For Robbing A Bank. My friend Stephen Keppel invited me to Haiti back in 2017. He runs a non-profit that supports local entrepreneurs. I was there working with local musicians and talking about the music industry in the US. While I was there, I met Steve Valcourt, a crazy talented singer. We were in the studio and he improvised some vudu spiritual chant. With that material, I came back to Boston, and started writing Jacmel. Jacmel is paradisiac town in Haiti. The music started growing, and my friend George Garzone introduced me to the legendary Omar Hakim. Omar has been the drummer for Madonna, Sting, David Bowie, Miles Davies, and many others. He's simply one of the best drummers in the world. I show him what I wrote, and he accepted to record. After that, I invited my long time hero, Hugo Fattorusso, and we created this tribute to this magic place called Jacmel. 

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