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When I finished Berklee, I had the need to connect the two worlds that I love: music and journalism. While I was at school, I saw an incredible amount of emerging talent that had no idea how to start a career in the professional music industry. Despite their virtuosity and unique abilities to play an instrument, write, produce, etc., they end up giving up with music to do something else.

With that in mind, I decided to create, a start up within Univision, the biggest Hispanic TV network in the US. U-Lab was a platform for innovation, musical experimentation and storytelling. We championed the next generation of artists through collaboration and creativity. I got to produce more than 15 albums, docuemntaries, live sessions, etc. I'm happy to see many of these artists flourish today, winning Grammies and awards all around the world. Here you've the teaser of the White Sessions. 

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